In Japan, we have 2 ways to count to 10. Actually, 4 and 7 have three way each.
It sounds complicated but not. It just kinds of that in English “1” is called “one” or “first”.

Understanding how to count in Japanese makes easier to count money, with unit and so on!
So Let’s get started(*´ω`)

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How to count to 10 in Japanese

There are two ways to count.
One is basic way and another is in wago (means ancient Japanese language).

Count to 10 in basic Japanese

  1. ichi:一、いち、イチ
  2. ni:二、に、ニ
  3. san:三、さん、サン
  4. shi/yon:四、し/よん、シ/ヨン
  5. gō:五、ご、ゴ
  6. loku:六、ろく、ロク
  7. nana/shichi:七、なな/しち、ナナ/シチ
  8. hachi:八、はち、ハチ
  9. kyuū:九、きゅう、キュウ
  10. juū:十、じゅう、ジュウ


Count to 10 in Wago

  1. hi:一、ひ、ヒ
  2. fu:二、ふ、フ
  3. mi:三、み、ミ
  4. yō:四、よ、ヨ
  5. itsu:五、いつ、イツ
  6. mu:六、む、ム
  7. nana:七、なな、ナナ
  8. ya:八、や、ヤ
  9. koko:九、ここ、ココ
  10. tō:十、とお、トオ


count to 10 with unit

Both of “個(ko)” and “つ(tsu)” are useful units for counting many kinds of objects.
Such as counting foods, animals, clothes, instruments and so on.

what is the different of counting

You can see, in case of using “~個(ko)” unit, numbers are used in basic Japanese.
On the other hand, in case of using “~つ(tsu)”, numbers are used in Wago.

So to understand counting in Japanese, it’s good for you know both count in basic way and in Wago.
And Japanese use both way as well(*´▽`*)


Count to 10 in Japanese for free download

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★【1to10】in Kanji and Hiragana:for work
☆【1to10】in Kanji and Hiragana:Answer

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